The Music Room

“A winding staircase, built of blue stone, leads to the music room…… this room is the centre of the house. …. A fireplace is on the right with stone carvings which reach to the ceiling.”

The “Riverdale” pamphlet, prepared as a selling brochure in the 1920s, described in such terms the room that is commonly known as the “Lower Dining Room.”

Since I discovered that it was originally a music room I feel differently, every time I walk through it.

With my mind’s eyes, gone are the utilitarian railings that make safer going up and down stairs. What might have happened to the sculpture than once graced the top of the stairs leading down to the Stone Room? The Nickerson family sold the property with the furnishing, but was that one a particularly loved piece that they kept?

The fireplace is an incredible work of art and I love to imagine people sitting in front of it, listening to music and maybe admiring the painting that once hung by its side.

 The room looks different now, often filled with the chatter of students and adults.

In this picture from the late 1970s, a passage had been opened to the left of the fireplace, a pair of sconce was added, and long refectory-style tables took the place of elegant carpets. Following the most recent renovation, the room has changed once again.

However, what is never lost is the sense of continuity and the subtle magic that is so much part of the Castle.

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